46th Uranquinty Folk Festival:
30 Sep - 3 Oct, 2016

  • Inaugural "Youth Showcase" Concert,
  • Concerts, Dances,
  • Campfire Sessions,
  • Blackboards,
  • Poets' Breakfast,
  • Kids' Festival,
  • Workshops,
  • Quinty Choir,
  • Women's Concert,
  • Candlelit Dinners.

2016 Lineup Announced! 


Youth Showcase- (click to open/close)

One of Uranquinty Folk Festival's goals is to provide encouragement and opportunities for up and coming folk musicians, whilst providing a solid program of quality entertainment for our audience. To this end, we try to ensure our artist selections include a wide range of experience, age, and genres and, wherever possible, give priority to young acts.

Young musicians (16-25), even if they don't yet feel ready to apply or aren't lucky enough to make the final cut, are especially welcome to participate in our growing number of blackboard sessions, special events (eg the choir, women's concert, youth concert etc), and of course our world-class bonfire sessions! Not only can they listen to, mingle / play with, and learn from some of the best folk musicians around but they can also hone/showcase their performnce skills with a sympathetic and welcoming (although sometimes rowdy!) audience.

So, young or not-so-much, get down to Quinty from Sep 30 to Oct 3, 2016!

Volunteers needed

As is always the case, we rely heavily on volunteers to help with the smooth running of the festival. If you're able to help us out with eg catering, set-up, pack down, collection and storage of equipment, sale of tickets, raffle, and merchandise and cleaning of facilities etc please drop us a line - quintyfolk@uranquintyfolk.com  Thanks.

The stunning 2016 lineup includes: 2016 artists

Angie & the Doc
Billy and Me
Charlotte Rose and Jess
Deer Prudence
Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music & Poetry Band
Emlyn and Jodie O'Regan
Franklyn B Paverty
Helen Begley
Josh Maynard
Lorraine McCrimmon
Mandy Connell
Michael Waugh
Phil & Trudy Edgeley
Rebecca Bastoli
Sweet Songs & Soft Guitar
The Lowlands
The Northern Folk
The Other Side
Tom Bolton and Peter Anderson
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