46th Uranquinty Folk Festival:
30 Sep - 3 Oct, 2016

  • Concerts, Dances,
  • Campfire Sessions,
  • Blackboards,
  • Poets' Breakfast,
  • Kids' Festival,
  • Workshops,
  • Candlelit Dinners.

Performer Applications- (click to open/close)

Performer Applications for 2016 are now open, on this site, and will remain open till 5pm, July 1, 2016. 

One of the questions on the application form is how many young performers (16-25) are in the act. Please note this is for people who are under 26 the FIRST time around!  (ell oh ell)

By mid july, all who applied should hear whether or not they were successful. If you don't, something's broken; send alcohol!  Click here for the application form. 

Youth Showcase- (click to open/close)

One of Uranquinty Folk Festival's goals is to provide encouragement and opportunities for up and coming folk musicians, whilst providing a solid program of quality entertainment for our audience. To this end, we try to ensure our artist selections include a wide range of experience, age, and genres and, wherever possible, give priority to young acts.

Young musicians (16-25), even if they don't yet feel ready to apply or aren't lucky enough to make the final cut, are especially welcome to participate in our growing number of blackboard sessions, special events (eg the choir, women's concert, youth concert etc), and of course our world-class bonfire sessions! Not only can they listen to, mingle / play with, and learn from some of the best folk musicians around but they can also hone/showcase their performnce skills with a sympathetic and welcoming (although sometimes rowdy!) audience.

So, young or not-so-much, get down to Quinty from Sep 30 to Oct 3, 2016!

Call for Help!! - (click to open/close)

Like many other festivals, Quinty is staffed entirely by volunteers. We recognise that many people are prepared to help but don't want to be on a committee. After decades of experience with more committees than I can recall, I completely identify with that sentiment!

So we're looking for some helpers for the weekend who just want to help. Specifically, at the moment, we're looking for people who can help out with feeding the masses.

If you haven't been to quinty before there's a nice little kitchen in the community hall which in the past has seen the creation of many beautiful meals, shared and enjoyed by an apppreciative and enthusiastic audience sitting in the body of the hall enjoying the music. These meals were all crafted by a small but dedicated team of culinary magicians who have decided the time has come to pass on the "wand of cookery". Our undying gratitude goes to those few and their names will be forever celebrated and spoken in awed tones.

A small number of lovely people have already offered and we would like a few more to share the load. So if you fancy having a go at a spag bol and maybe a curry or two (especially if you have some pals to team up with and perhaps a bit of a culinary/catering background), please let us know. It could be fun! Or even if you're a bit of a dab hand on the bbq and can help whisk up an unforgettable b & e roll for breakfast - drop us an email!

We won't pay you (obviously!) but we will let you in for free, feed you(!), and surround you with loving smiles.  Email: quintyfolk@uranquintyfolk.com and put something useful like "volunteer catering" as the subject. Oh yes, even if you can only do one meal, that would be fantastic. 

2015 Lineup - (click to open/close)

The stunning 2015 lineup included: 2015 artists
Alex and Joel
Begley, Butler and Quigley
Craig and Simone Dawson
Den Hanrahan and the Rum Runners
Emlyn and Jodie O'Regan
Franklyn B Paverty
Luke R Davies
Maia Jelavic
Michael Waugh
Mike Cosgriff
Peter Anderson and Tom Bolton
Sam McMahon
Spirit of the Glen
The April Maze
The Capitalist Pigs
The Guitar Cases Band

Click for Artists' Details

Squeezer and the Uranettes Squeezer and the Uranettes
By popular request after critical acclaim in 2014, 'Squeezer and the Uranettes' made a triumphant return to Uranquinty. This show celebrates the treasured and near forgotten art of the 60's GIRLIE CHORUS! Bandleader is accordionist Peter Anderson, wearing a different hat as a 60's singer guitarist.

The band is open to all comers to either join the backline or lead their favourite 60's song. The Uranettes also welcome all comers, with a preference of course for those of female persuasion. This will be a finely honed and polished performance, as it is having one rehearsal (!!!) at Jack's Hut on Sunday at 3pm.

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