45th Uranquinty Folk Festival:
2 Oct - 5 Oct, 2015

Concerts, Dances,
Campfire Sessions,
Poets' Breakfast,
Kids' Festival,
Candlelit Dinners.

By popular demand, highlights of the 2015 Festival will include:

  • Sixties Singalong with "Squeezer and Uranettes";
  • Greg and the Quinty Choir - all welcome
  • Bush Song Singalong With the Pavs;
  • Womens' Concert with Begley, Butler and Quigley;
  • Dance with bush royalty - Franklin B. Paverty; and
  • Nibbles, Workshops, Blackboards, Campfires, Sessions and even Concerts!

    The stunning 2015 lineup will include: 2015 artists
    Alex and Joel
    Begley, Butler and Quigley
    Craig and Simone Dawson
    Den Hanrahan and the Rum Runners
    Emlyn and Jodie O'Regan
    Franklyn B Paverty
    Luke R Davies
    Maia Jelavic
    Michael Waugh
    Mike Cosgriff
    Peter Anderson and Tom Bolton
    Sam McMahon
    Spirit of the Glen
    The April Maze
    The Capitalist Pigs
    The Guitar Cases Band

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    Squeezer and the Uranettes Squeezer and the Uranettes
    By popular request after critical acclaim in 2014, 'Squeezer and the Uranettes' makes a triumphant return to Uranquinty. This show celebrates the treasured and near forgotten art of the 60's GIRLIE CHORUS! Bandleader is accordionist Peter Anderson, wearing a different hat as a 60's singer guitarist.

    The band is open to all comers to either join the backline or lead their favourite 60's song. The Uranettes also welcome all comers, with a preference of course for those of female persuasion. This will be a finely honed and polished performance, as it is having one rehearsal (!!!) at Jack's Hut on Sunday at 3pm.

  • The Festival

    kick-ass logs make great campfires!
    kick-ass logs make great campfires!

    "The Uranquinty Folk Festival reminds us that there are still many decent people around. Families and friends who can enjoy a simple experience in a beautiful spot, where you make your own entertainment with like minded folk. Relaxing and rejuvenating, 'Quinty' can revive your soul and your faith in humanity". Danny Spooner - Patron

    Uranquinty Folk Festival is a small, family-orientated festival, 12 kilometres south of Wagga Wagga southern NSW. Formed in 1970 by the Wagga Wagga Folk society, it is one of Australia's oldest folk festivals. quinty map

    At Quinty the emphasis is on participation, campfire & pub sessions, workshops, dances and blackboards. Concerts at the Uranquinty Hotel and the Oval, where we encourage new and/or unknown artists as well as old friends.

    Tickets are available at the Uranquinty Hotel on Friday night or at the Sportsground on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Weekend $70
    • Concession $60
    • Day $45
    • Session Dances $15
    • Kids and Camping Free
    • Excellent facilities inc hot showers

    Camping (free) is at the showground which is where most of the action takes place. The only venue not located at the showground is the pub, a short walk (or drive) away. Vehicles are allowed in the campsite but please don't drive across the centre - it wrecks the cricket pitch.

    Wood is provided for a number of bonfires around the camp site which serve as centres of warmth, fellowship and music well into the night.

    Alcohol is permitted, but remember the festival is family-friendly.

    Dogs are welcome but please keep them under close control and clean up after them. If you bring a dog this means you. Even if you've always brought your dog and never bothered before, it means you! ALL DOGS ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES AND CLEAN UP AFTER THEM! Transgressors will be handed over to the cheese police. You have been warned!

    Breakfasts and dinners are available at the hall on sat and sun. Food is also available from the pub, the bakery and the takeaway, or you can cook your own.

    Locals have been known to remark on how clean we leave the site when we go - your help in following that tradition will be most appreciated.

    Amanda and Jane at the bakery, at Quinty40 Mike, Jane, Ute, Skye and David demo their uke skills at Quinty40 another great campfire session at Quinty40

    Festival President: Scott (Feral) Sneddon - 0451 1961 21 ...Email: quintyfolk@uranquintyfolk.com

    Website donated by Col Pike (Thistle Cottage Software) ...Email: col@spiritoftheglen.net

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